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Double Graduation Ceremonies and First Joint Management Board Meeting
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In this July, I will go to Singapore to continue my further graduate study. Four years ago, I was just a boy from the countryside, today I am the first student in my village to study abroad. Deep inside, I know that the past four years at Glasgow College, UESTC will be the most valuable experience in my life.’ A speech made by Mr Yang Mingyue, the graduate representative of thecohort of 2013 at the Glasgow College won a loud applause from the audience.

Yang’s parents came to witness their son's ‘lastlesson’ at the University. They were excited about the progress of their sond uring the past four years and said that Yang Mingyue has grown into a man that has aspirations for the future and is determined to achieve his dreams.

On June 28th, the graduands ofthe first cohort at Glasgow College accompanied by their parents attended two degree conferring ceremonies and were awarded two degree certificates from UESTC and UoG, respectively.

Professor Wang Yafei, Party Secretary of UESTC, Professor Li Yanrong, President of UESTC, ProfessorAnton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice Chancellor of UoG, and Professor LuoJiahui,

Deputy Party Secretary of UESTC, Professor Xiong Caidong and Professor ZengYong, Vice President of UESTC, all attend the ceremonies.

Outstanding Achievements Compose a New Chapter of Internationalizationin UESTC

Graduands of the class of 2017 were awarded a UESTC’s bachelor degreein the morning at UESTC Degree Granting Ceremony.

President Li congratulated all graduates.He said ‘looking back at our collaboration, we have witnessed the steadydevelopment and exciting outcomes of the programme. This reflects the processof achieving the mission of both universities to cultivate talents with globalvision, international competitiveness and strong senses of socialresponsibility in the worldwide IT industry and engineering field. Youroutstanding achievements have won a good reputation which not only benefits thedevelopment of Glasgow College, but also promotes the internationalization ofour university.’ He also encouraged students to be the pioneers of the GlasgowCollege who have dreams and courage to shoulder the responsibilities and showthe world the excellence of UESTC graduates.

Principal Anton Muscatelli brought thegreetings of the University of Glasgow to UESTC and this graduation ceremony.He mentioned that the University of Glasgow was very proud of its partnership andcollaboration with UESTC. Students at the Glasgow College now had something ofvalue that would be recognised around the world. This would open doors andpresent opportunities for students to take all that they have gained here,sharing it with the communities they go on to live and work in, to make theirmark. In the end, he extended his best wishes for the graduates.

Then, Professor Zhao Zhiqin, Dean of theGlasgow College, announced the list of Outstanding Graduates Winners at theprovincial level and at the university level, and conferred the degrees to thegraduates.

At the last session of the ceremony,graduate representatives presented flowers and gifts to their academic advisorsto express their gratitude. In the meantime, every graduate opened the letterthey wrote to themselves four years ago at the Opening Ceremony.

Awarded the Bachelor's Degree of the University of Glasgow in a Special Way

In the afternoon, graduands of the class of2017 were awarded a UoG’s bachelor degree at UoG Graduation Ceremony following thetradition and process of the University of Glasgow.

As the organist begins to play thetraditional academic anthem, the academic procession enters the hall, which ismade up of the academic staff of both universities. And then, as each graudandwas called, they walk forward, hand their hood to the Bedellus and bow in frontof the Vice-Chancellor Anton Muscatelli to be touched lightly on the head, or “capped”,with a flat velvet cap. As he did so, the Vice-Chancellor pronounced the Latinwords of conferment. The new graduate then wore their hood, received theirdegree parchment, shook hands with the Vice-Chancellor and left the platform.

When the last graduand was capped, the ViceChancellor made a short speech to congratulate all the graduates of the firstcohort, giving a “charge” to them to remember their responsibilities to theUniversity. He maintainedthat the root of the word graduation, roughly translated means-‘taking a step’.If graduation days mark the end of one chapter, they mark the beginning ofanother-the gateway to taking a step out into the world and the future. He stressedthat the world faces global challenges-and needs global solutions. To achievethis, creative and innovative thinkers are needed. He hoped all the graduatesto step out and shape the future, and not to abandon the motto of UESTC ‘Toseek facts & truth, to be noble and ambitious’. He believed that the graduateshad the skills, abilities, capacity to keep going after facts and truths and tobe noble and ambitious in that pursuit.

The First Meeting of the JEI Joint Management Board

In addition to the formal graduationceremonies, the first Joint Management Board of the Joint Education Institutewas held on Qingshuihe campus. President Li Yanrong, Chairman of the JointManagement Board, and Principal and Vice-Chancellor Anton Muscatelli, ViceChairman of the Joint Management Board attended the meeting and signed a Memorandumof Understanding in relation to the further development of joint education. Otherattendees include Vice President Xiong Caidong, Director of InternationalOffice Di Aiying, Dean of Glasgow College Zhao Zhiqin, Head of AdministrationGao Shiquan, Head of the School of Engineering David Cumming, Dean Universityof Glasgow UESTC John Marsh. After a thorough discussion, all members approvedthe terms of reference of the JMB and JEI Charter, and agreed on the membership,the operational plan, and other related issues.

Following the Joint ManagementBoard, University of Glasgow conferred the Honorary Doctoral Degree toPresident Li Yanrong.

Graduation Quotes:

From the very beginning, we, the first graudates grew with the Glasgow College, UESTC during the four year period. The graduation is not just the timethat we say goodbye, it’s the new beginning for everyone to show our talents and pursue our dreams in different fields in different parts of the world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ---By Zhang Yanxing

Participating in this programme was not only a chance to learn from theexcellent foregin teachers, but also to connect with international advanced technology. Here, no matter what project you are doing, professors will trytheir best to support you. Studying in Glasgow College, UESTC gave me a way tolearn from the best, work with the best and become the best.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ---By Lu Shuhong

Graduation is not only an end to a period, it is a commencement of anew one. Our unceasing acquisition of knowledge will continue to

escalate us to ever higher and higher attainments.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ---By Ren Zhihang

Through our four-year study in Glasgow College, UESTC, a thing morecrucial than professional knowledge that I have learned is a profile ofengineers:

engineers take social responsibility rather than master scientific theories alone; engineers deal with technical problems with sense and responsibility; and engineers are open-minded to embrace distinct ideas regardless of differences and inequality.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ---By Qiu Xiaotong

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