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Congratulations to Graduates of the First Cohort of Glasgow College!
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The Joint Educational Undergraduate Programme in "Electronic Information Engineering" delivered by both UESTC and UoG has already entered its fourth year and has the first cohort students graduated.

Four years ago, more than 120 high schoolstudents chose UESTC and came to the Glasgow College where they embarked on thejourney to a glorious future. As the first cohort, some students joked and called themselves the “Road Paver” of Glasgow College. Having been cultivated by the international curriculum at the Glasgow College UESTC, they have turned out to be confident international talents with global vision, international competitiveness and strong senses of social responsibility.

According to the data statistics releasedby the Glasgow College, 82.5% of the graduates will continue their study and research in postgraduate education. 67.5% of them will study abroad. They have been recognized by prestigious universities at home and abroad with a fierce competition with 7.95 million graduates this year. At home, all of those that will enter postgraduate education have found a place in  the top universities that belong to project 985. 86.4% of those studying abroad are admitted by top 100 universities in QS world university  rankings, 67.9 of them will enter top 50 universities. These have proven their excellence.


Here comes the long list of these topuniversities, including but not limited to: the university of Glasgow, ImperialCollege, University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, University of Warwick, ColombiaUniversity,

University of Michigan, Duke University, University of Californiaat San Diego, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Texas atAustin, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, Rice University, PurdueUniversity, University of British Columbia in Canada, Australian NationalUniversity, the university of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, andUniversity of Western Australia in Australia, Technical University of Munich inGermany, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University inSingapore, and

Hong Kong university of Science and Technology.

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