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The FAW-UESTC Joint Laboratory of Automotive Artificial Intelligence was Inaugurated
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In June 3rd, the FAW-UESTC joint laboratory of automotive artificial intelligence and intelligent network innovation laboratory opening ceremony and symposium was held in Qingshui River campus.  Li Jun, FAW Group Corporation Deputy Chief Engineer, Technical Director of the Center and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wu Jianhui, General Manager of Qiming information technology Limited by Share Ltd; Chen Gan, Chief Engineer of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technology Center; Li Yanrong, President of UESTC, attended the ceremony. Yang Xiaobo, Vice President of UESTC, held the ceremony.

On behalf of the university, Li Yanrong welcomed Li Jun and his colleagues. He said that after more than 60 years’ development, UESTC has been formed a complete set of technology chain and innovation chain from electronic materials, electronic devices, electronic components, electronic systems and equipment, and electronic testing and standards in the field of electronic information. When the university, in the forefront of world science and technology and the national needs at the same time, also actively facing the main battlefield of the national economy, improve the ability for the development of the industry and local economic construction, implement the "electronic information +" strategy, promote the electronic information technology and automotive, transportation, energy, environment and other areas of cross-border, integration and development. He said, FAW and Dongfeng automobile is China's well-known national enterprises and artificial intelligence + car is a combination of our point, also have great opportunities. He also introduced the university’s personnel training, teaching staff building, scientific research, discipline construction, "double class" construction and so on.

Li Jun congratulated the establishment of the joint laboratory and thanked the colleagues who worked hard for it. He said, FAW and UESTC have common innovation values, the joint laboratory opening marks the bilateral cooperation has taken a firm step. Intelligent network is a hot research in the world and China also attaches great importance to the joint laboratory. School enterprise cooperation is a domestic initiative, the development of China's automobile in the field of artificial intelligence will play an important role. He pointed out that the joint laboratory will closely combine UESTC’s high-tech strength and FAW’s demand to cultivate talents of automobile of artificial intelligence, develop their own core technology, expand international perspective, and build a world-class laboratory laboratory on behalf of Chinese level.

Wu Jianhui said, Qiming and UESTC build a joint laboratory, both in line with the development of the university and enterprises, but also in line with national development strategy. UESTC recently proposed "one school area" action plan, "electronic information +" strategy, from the electronic industry to the electronics industry. Those are very forward-looking. Qiming hopes work hand in hand with UESTC and contribute to China and the world automobile industry development.

After the opening ceremony, Li Hongjian, FAW’s R&D minister; Chen Bo, Associate Prof in the school of Information and Software Engineering; Shuai Yao, Associate Prof in the school of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics; Zhao Chenxi, Associate Prof in the school of Electronic Engineering; Prof Hu Jiangping and Associate Prof Guo Hongliang in the school of Automation Engineering; Prof Luo Lei, in the school of Computer Science & Engineering, separately introduced their latest achievements in the study of automotive artificial intelligence with the title of "L3 network intelligent vehicle technology roadmap", "car artificial intelligence operating system and computing platform", " for a new generation of intelligent vehicle sensing chip "" intelligent vehicle collaborative control "and" intelligent network of automobile network security technology and standard". Academician Li Jun exchanged views with everyone and affirmed the achievements made by all of us.

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