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Professor Richard R. Schrock was Appointed Honorary Professor of UESTC
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On May 15th, Professor Richard R. Schrock at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), American chemist and one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2005, was appointed as an Honor Professor at our university.  President Li Yanrong met with Prof Richard R. Schrock and awarded him the letter of appointment.

Li warmly welcomed Prof Richard R. Schrock. He said MIT is a famous research university in the world, and it has a great influence on UESTC in recent generations. The development of MIT from single-subject university to university of science and technology, and then to a comprehensive university, is an example of UESTC. After 60 years development, the advantages and characteristics of UESTC in the field of electronic information have been continuously strengthened, and remarkable achievements have been made in the fields of subject construction, personnel training and teaching staff. The university has trained more than 16 outstanding alumni. Those people, who are in the field of IT pillar industries in this country, whether the total market value they’ve created for the company or social influence and other aspects are all impressive. Li said that Prof Richard R. Schrock is the first scientist to come to our university of chemistry in MIT and he hopes the professor will guide the development of chemistry.

Prof Richard R. Schrock thanked the great invitation of UESTC. He said MIT is famous with its Engineering and Computer Science. Although the scale of chemistry is not big enough, it has made profound achievements. Prof Richard is very pleased to be an Honor Professor in UESTC. He hopes that he can come to Chengdu frequently and communicate with teachers and students in the future. He also warmly invited President Li Yanrong to visit MIT.

Shen Xiaorong, Deputy Secretary Party; Liu Mingzhen, the “Thousand Talents Plan” selected; Deng Xu; Li Yanbo; Human Resources, Basic and Frontier Research Institutes, Heads of Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics attended the meeting.

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